1. For pre-evaluation;

Candidates for the Assistant Professor position will apply with their curriculum vitae, list of publications and information form to their Department Chairperson.

Applications approved by the Department Chairperson will be submitted to the Dean's Office/Graduate School.

Applications approved by the Dean's Office/Graduate School will be submitted to the related Vice-President for academic affairs.

The following procedures will commence after the approval of the Presidency.

2. If applicants have been successful in the foreign language exam quoted in Article 7 under "Section 1. Application and Promotion to Assistant Professorship" of the "Regulations on Promotion and Appointment to the Position of Teaching Staff Member". The applicant will submit four copies of the following documents to the Department Chairperson in four separate dossiers:

  • Curriculum vitae and list of publications
  • Certified diploma copies (If the applicant applies to Personnel Affairs with the original Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD diplomas, the copies will be authenticated by Personnel Affairs.)
  • Certified Language Test Result (KPDS, ÜDS, TOEFL, etc.)
  • Scientific Work
  • Publications
  • Citations

3. The Department Chairperson will send the submitted dossiers to three jury members duly appointed.

4. The jury members will send their evaluation reports to the Department Chairperson.

5. The Department Chairperson will send the applicant's dossier, including the jury reports and the Faculty/Graduate School Executive Board Decision on Assistant Professor Promotion cover letter to the Presidency.

6. If the applicant's promotion is approved by the Presidency, Personnel Affairs will notify the Higher Education Council, the applicant and the Dean's Office/Graduate. The university systems will be updated accordingly.

7. As the contracts are renewed annually, promotions within the fiscal year will not result in a raise in salary. The new salary will be processed the following year.